What Is the Best Duplicate Finder for Mac?

best duplicate finder for mac

Duplicate files can be a nasty piece of work. They clutter your Mac, waste disk space and make things confusing when you need to find a video, a document, a song or a photo. To cut a long story short, deleting duplicates is vital, especially now that Macs use smaller SSD drives. If you have an SSD that is clogged with duplicate files, your Mac will become slower, you will get low disk space errors sooner rather than later, and your SSD lifetime will shorten.

The simplest way to tame duplicate files is to use special software that can find and delete duplicates automatically. With such software you won’t have to do a lot more than click on the Scan button, check the scan results and preview files like duplicate photos and videos, and let your duplicate finder delete or move the files you don’t need.

But which duplicate finder for Mac is the best? While there are a lot of pretty good programs, we found the one that has amazing options for Mac users, such as iTunes and iPhoto sync and iTunes dead tracks deletion. This program is called Easy Duplicate Finder.

Download Duplicate Finder for Mac

Easy Duplicate Finder for Mac Features

This is by far the best program we have tested (and we’ve tested a lot). Windows users know this software because the Windows version has been around for quite some time. It had a lot of cool features that made it really easy to find duplicates. The Mac version is just as feature-rich. It has everything you may ever need from a duplicate file finder. Easy Duplicate Finder for Mac can scan for duplicate documents, photos, videos, songs, and even emails using a vast array of search methods including byte-by-byte comparison – a method that allows the program to find duplicate files by content.  Another handy feature is its preview functionality that makes it easy to identify duplicate photos and lets you check them before you hit the Delete button just to be on the safe side. Just as the name suggests, the program is really easy to use. It’s very fast, too.

Easy Duplicate Finder has an easy to use intuitive interface that offers Drag and Drop support. Thanks to this, the program can be used even by absolute computer novices. Its interface is done in the Mac style and is really great-looking.

If you are looking for the best duplicate finder for Mac, look no further. Click here to download the best Mac duplicate finder and enjoy a duplicate-free computer.

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